Personal archive of the botanist Xavier Soñora (1956-2016). Setup and archival treatment.

This proyect* has as main purpose facilitate a web access to the archival descriptions of the personal documentary background of the botanist Xavier Soñora (1956-1996), for his interest as documental source to the scientific investigations about the galician ecosystem in general, and. more precisely to the research on his specimen collection collected by him and guarded by the Museo da Sociedade Galega de Histora Natural (Ferrol, A Coruña).

The botanist Xavier Soñora held the position of delegate in the Sociedade Galega de Historia Natural in Ferrol for years and was a outstanding botanist in the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, being autohr and coordinator of numerous scientific and informative proyects that still serve as bibliographic reference to this day.

Passed away unexpectedly, just a couple of weeks before he was about to show and defend his Doctorate thesis , in the year 1966, and also present some of his museographic collections ( including, herbarium, algarium, seeds and fruits collection, fossil, shells, crustaceans,etc...) .The family deposited in the Arquivo da Sociedade Galega de Historia Natural part of his documentary product that is now part of this proyect.

This background also includes some other documental goods that completes his personal facet and provide context about his reseach and informative labor.

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  • This proyect was subsidied by Secretaría Xeral de Cultura, pertencente a Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria da Xunta de Galicia. Through a announcement of economic help directed to a collaboration and funding of the works in archival matter (DOG nº65, 6 of April of 2016).